fccFrameWork Architecture

fccFrameWork is deployed as a Site. A Site provides the organizational foundation for the integration of customer applications and is structured into Companies (tenants).


  • holds the configuration
  • fccFrameWork licensing is on a site level
  • a site holds the execution (customer and fccFrameWork applications)
  • a site manages companies (tenants, customer applications)
  • site implementation can be a single site (e.g. production) or multiple sites to separate e.g. development, test, integration, and production.


  • a Company (tenant) provides the frame for a customer application
  • up to 10.000 companies can be defined per site 
  • fccFrameWork provides flexible rules to set-up  Company's data deployment:
    • fully separated, i.e. all entities (files, DB tables) are physically or logically separated from other companies
    • entities can be shared (bidirectional synchronization) between companies of a site (e.g. code tables)
    • entities can be defined as data inherited, i.e. one company (slave) runs a managed copy (unidirectional synchronization) of an entity of another company (master). 

For more information please refer to the fccFrameWork White Paper.

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