Pricing Models

The fccFrameWork standard pricing models are trying to correspond to different customer requirements: 

  • two licensing models
    • Standard Edition
      including the base system with the option to add additional modules
    • Advanced Edition
      including the entire fccFrameWork scope
    • licensing models include maintenance and support
  • for some selected functions and features we are open to sell the source code either as one-time transaction or as a model with maintenance and support included. 

 For customers with specific requirements we are open to discuss alternative pricing models.





A Trial is a time-restricted fccFrameWork implementation on customer infrastructure; depending on customer’s requirements, the Trial period is between 4 to 8 weeks
  • Trial includes the fccFrameWork Advanced Edition functionality
  • During or after the Trial period, a Trial can be upgraded to a Standard or Advanced Edition Licensing Model
Trial Rules
  • Trial is free of fccFrameWork license fees
  • Customer has to provide inhouse or Cloud infrastructure (network,server, web-services) and 3-party licenses (fccFrameWork supported COBOL development environment, database licenses)
  • If used, customer will be charged for the usage of fccFrameWork licensed web services (e.g. SMS, translation engine)
  • There are two chargeable workshops prior to Trial start (strongly recommended)
    • fccFrameWork Overview Training (1/2 day)
    • fccFrameWork Development Workshop (1 day)


Licensing Editions


  • 2 Licensing Editions
    • Standard Edition
      includes the fccFrameWork base package and some optional functions & features
    • Advances Editions
      includes all fccFrameWork functions & features available
  • both editions include maintenance and support

Source Code

Source Code

Pricing on request.

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